My Experiment With If We Ran The World

if we ran the world logo

If We Ran the World logo I just started my first-ever Action Platform at If We Ran The World!!  Ever heard of this site?  It’s very exciting – the site allows you to find causes and projects you’d like to help, and lets you sign up to do any of a number of what they call microactions to help out.  Similarly, you can post an Action Platform, state what you are trying to accomplish, and ask/invite others to take any of a number of microactions to help you out!  The system keeps tabs on people and their interests and actions and does some of the notifying and connecting for you.  It’s like facebook for the soul – no phony “I’m so popular” pictures, no bragging or flirting, just doing!  Check it out at and watch the video to see exactly how it works.

Guess who started this great idea?  An amazing boomer, that’s who – a woman named Cindy Gallop!

Please help out by visiting and clicking on a microaction for Women At Woodstock! It can be as simple as agreeing to tweet about it or donating $10. Every superhero who agrees to help, gives us a boost in visibility and credibility, so please take a sec and take one action for us. Here’s the link to the Women At Woodstock action platform:

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