I Talked To Nicole Christina The Other Day…

And you can listen in on our private conversation. At least that’s what it felt like when she was interviewing me for her show, “Zestful Aging.” She’s a seductress, I swear – not sexually, but in a friend-mother-sister way; her careful wording in asking questions, her tone of voice, her simply compassionate way of being – with seeming ease, she brings the real you out in the open. After all, she is a licensed psychotherapist.

Yikes, dangerous, right?

Only no. Actually, our conversation helped reinforce my best feelings about the choices I’ve made over the course of my life. And believe me, some of those choices came with a price. It hasn’t all been wild success and happiness (not that anyone thought that anyway). But overall, my choices have been right for me. And that’s good.

I told her at the end of our interview that the time we’d spent talking together felt like a therapy session. A really good one.

Want to listen in? Click here to listen to my interview with Nicole Christina, LCSW, and host of “Zestful Aging.” You can also listen via iTunes here.

P.S. My thanks to WAW alum Linda Lowen for telling Nicole about Women At Woodstock!

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