Hi There! You Look Nice Today!

“Hi Ann, you look nice today!” 

This is the greeting that I receive whenever I log into my Imperfect Produce account. It’s accompanied by a silly looking misshapen sweet potato with googly eyes. I love it. It makes me smile, each and every time. And I swear, some positive endorphins definitely swirl into my bloodstream when I read it.

Such is the power of words.

Yesterday I ran across an old blog post of mine in which I shared a phishing email I received from god knows who that was just so lovely and poetic – especially so because of its broken English – that I saved it in a special folder. I think I’ll print it out and tape it to my bathroom mirror for a while, just to make me smile and maybe get a few good endorphins going to start my day.  Here it is, if you’d like to print it out for yourself too. Be sure to substitute your name for mine; somehow having your name said within this loving tribute adds a special touch to the love-talk, ya know?

From one Edward J.B.:

Good gracious God, What a beautiful daughter of nature. Ann do you know that your eyes speak to me of fate, and in them is more beauty than I could ever find. My queen, may your smile attracts more of God blessings and your heart desires to you before the year ends. whats the secret behind your beauty my queen?

Hm. Maybe I’ll tape the sweet potato with googly eyes next to it.


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