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The Press Release – Usually NOT the Way to Go

You had a lightning bolt of inspiration. From that you decided to create a new business or product. You researched, outlined, figured, projected – pounded the pavement, begged for money, hired consultants, found a location – came up with a name, put up a sign, furnished, stocked, hosted a website… and voila! Man, you did it! Your new business is launched and it’s now time to issue a press release. Go forth, and get that good media coverage going!

Wait. Wait. Wait. Almost never is this the next good step.

Yes, your business has consumed you, you’ve worked like a dog to get it going, and it’s a damned impressive accomplishment that you got it up and running. It’s huge news!

To you, and those who love you, yes. But it is almost always of little or no interest to a reporter or blogger. Would you run out to any stranger on the street and shove your business card in his hand and say “Here, I’m in business, so you have to want me (or my product)?” Well, maybe you would, but it wouldn’t be the smartest marketing technique you could come up with.

The trick in marketing is to find a prequalified target market – folks predisposed to like or want your product or service. Same thing with the media. A general purpose press release blasted to reporters and bloggers is so many business cards being shoved into strangers’ hands. It’s not going to get a high degree of interest.

Use your marketing wiles. Find reporters who want or need what you have to offer. How? Well, lots of ways. Here’s number one:

Google keywords that correspond to your business and read the articles that you find. Note the contact information for the reporters who are writing these articles about stuff related to your business. Send emails to those reporters. Open with a flattering comment about the article you just read (sincere, concise – not gushing), and then offer a short, sweet, and interesting bit of information about your business. Suggest a future article idea, if you have one. Give your contact information.

And do NOT attach a file. We’ll tell you why the next time we post.

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