Happy Valentine’s Day! Now Give Yourself A Gift.

red heart - source wbom.wordpressHappy Valentine’s Day! Maybe you’re anticipating a little gift from a loved one – maybe not. Either way it’s not really so important, because there is one special someone who loves you very much and can give you the all-time best gift you’ve ever received. And, you have 100% control over whether that gift is given to you. I’m talking about you, of course, and I’m talking about the gift of the rest of your life – written by you. I’m talking about permission, and determination, and action to follow your dreams. That’s what we’re all doing together at our Women At Woodstock retreats, with support and encouragement and tips and tools and new connections and new friends. Wrap yourself up and deliver yourself there.

Have you seen the new video on our home page showing you just what Women At Woodstock is like? Check it out. Then reserve your spot at one of our upcoming retreats today. You know you’re worth it.

P.S. My Valentine’s gift to you – the Early Bird Rate – $125 off!

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