Happy Birthday to Victoria Zackheim!

Happy birthday victoria zackheimHappy birthday to Victoria Zackheim, co-keynote speaker at all three Women At Woodstock retreats last month, accomplished author and playwright, and now, thanks to the time I was able to spend with Victoria in Woodstock, Charleston, and Palm Springs, someone I count as a true friend. Victoria inspired me in two important ways last month. First, she led an incredible writing workshop that got me going on a new creative idea I never expected to pursue. I’m able to picture the whole thing, beginning to end – something I’ve rarely been able to do in all the times that I’ve conceived of or attempted a writing project. Second, Victoria told all of us about her life-expanding decision, back when she turned 60, to pursue anything and everything that presented itself to her as a creative idea, a dream project, an inspiration, or an opportunity. She has done SO MUCH in the decade that has ensued – what a model for us all! That’s exactly how I want to live my 60’s as well. This is the time to live as freely and as fully as we can. Victoria’s done it, I’m learning from it, and I hope to follow in her footsteps.  Whether I achieve anything near the successes that she has seen, I don’t know, but my life will be richer nevertheless.

Thank you, Victoria, for the inspiration and the role model that you are.  Go bravely into that next decade!  I’m right behind you, following in your wake as best I can.


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