February 14, 2017

Selina Maitreya

Selina MaitreyaIn a parallel life, Selina Maitreya was and is a highly regarded consultant to commercial photographers worldwide. A published author of two best-selling books and global lecturer, Selina has for more than thirty years guided Creatives to form deeper vision and refine their inner spirit.

Drawn to the simple yet powerful idea that we are all one; that our natural inheritance is love, and that our actions affect not only us but every single energy entity, Selina Maitreya committed many years ago to make her daily life her spiritual practice. She has learned to respond from love to life’s many challenges, irritations, and tragedies.

Living her daily life as Practical Spirituality, she responds to life through one of the many faces of love: kindness, gratitude, grace, compassion, wisdom and tolerance. Through this approach to life, she has created an existence that is peaceful and abundant and connects to others in building rich and meaningful relationships.

In the summer of 2013, Selina’s work to live in love was supremely tested. She was about to sell her house of 20 years and begin a new life in New York City when her car was hit by another, and she was left severely impaired, as she sustained a traumatic brain injury. A life that up until that moment had been so very busy was completely stopped.

Though she was unable to move into a new life or earn a living, Selina continued to feel blessed and was never concerned for her fate. She needed constant meditation and rest, and she embraced both with an open heart full of gratitude and peace. It was during this time that she realized that her lifelong role as “Teacher” was about to take another turn. Knowing that her practice of responding to all from LOVE was the reason for her total certainty and lack of fear during a hugely life changing event, Selina became committed then and there to being a spiritual teacher, helping others to respond to life as love, as they build lives guided by Practical Spirituality.

Now Selina works with many individuals and groups, guiding them as they learn how to shift the paradigm from being mind- and emotion-centered to being intuitively guided. The path to this enlightenment does not happen outside one’s self, it appears while daily life is used as a spiritual practice.

Just as a trainer works with students to develop their physical body, Selina works with her students to help them to access their higher intelligence. The result is they become free of critical judgment of self and others, filled with clarity and peace.

Selina is a highly sough-after leader facilitating workshops and speaking on Practical Spirituality to groups large and small.  She lives in Woodstock, New York and will be teaching the workshop at Women At Woodstock 2017: “Opening To Receive.”

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