July 10, 2015

Diane Baranello

Diane Baranello

Diane Baranello is CEO of Coaching for Distinction, specializing in personal branding & collaborative career coaching for mid-career women. She served as a board member and VP-Membership for New York Women in Communications where she launched a workshop series, Turning Points for Mid-Career Women, and is a sought-after speaker and thought leader for professional associations and women’s groups. Diane has spoken on personal branding and strategic networking at NYU Stern School of Business, NYU Wasserman Center, NYU SCPS Office of Career Management, Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business and Weissman School of Arts and Sciences.

Prior to her branding and coaching practice, she was global Training Director at The Citigroup Private Bank and trained executives internationally. Diane is a catalyst for women who are ready to take their career in a new direction and breathe fresh energy into their work.

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We’re so lucky that Diane will be returning to lead an Evening Salon Discussion again at women At Woodstock 2017! This year’s topic: How to Pivot in Mid-Life: Living With No Regrets


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