April 7, 2016

Carol Casalino

Carol CasalinoCarol Casalino, MS, CNS is a board-certified Nutritionist and founded Real•Life Midlife Wellness 15 years ago when she realized that once you enter midlife, so much of what we thought we knew about weight loss and staying healthy – what we did in our 20’s and 30’s – just doesn’t
apply anymore.

Carol specializes in teaching midlife women how to eat right for their age so they can lose weight, look great, and feel great like they used to and have control over how well they look and feel, not just now, but well into the future. Her customized nutrition/lifestyle plans, plus her one-on-one counseling and guidance, help transform her midlife clients from feeling fat, frumpy, and foggy-brained into feeling fit, fabulous, and in full control of their weight and health.

Carol will be teaching a workshop this year at Women At Woodstock 2016: Are You Eating Right For Your Age?