June 1, 2017

Andrea Peck

Andrea PeckHe who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.   Lao-Tzu

Knowing and understanding oneself is, by far, one of our most important life skills; and yet, it can also be one of our most challenging.

Andrea Peck (Andie) has spent a lifetime learning about self-understanding and its connection to personal and professional success. As a speaker, facilitator, coach, writer, and college professor, she works with individuals and groups to support them in exploring who they are and how to become the best version of themselves. Whether someone is navigating a life or career transition; developing a talent or skill; creating a memorable presentation; facing challenging emotions, relationships, or life circumstances; or evaluating the impact of their communication on others and their own lives,   self-understanding is key.

Andie is a graduate of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, a certified Myers Briggs and Emotional Intelligence facilitator, a student of the Ira Progoff approach to Journaling, and of the Feminine Power work of Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit. She is soon to be a graduate of the Executive College of Coaching.

In addition to teaching,  Andie coaches individuals on presentation and communication skills  as well as on self-awareness and self-actualizing using the MBTI and EQi assessments. She facilitates groups on their personal and professional development covering such topics as Communication Facts and Myths, Storytelling, Journaling, Creative Problem Solving, Conflict, Assertiveness, Better Boundaries, Myers Briggs, Emotional Intelligence, The Art and Science of Listening, and Professional Image Enhancement.   Her programs have been presented at hospitals, colleges, profit and nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and private businesses, and include such places as The Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve University, The American Camping Association, Ohio Parks and Recreation, TRW, Women in Construction, The City of Wooster, Youngstown State University, Cleveland State University, and The  Regional Transit Authority,  to name a few.

Andie is the author of Discovering Ourselves through Acts of Creation – the Healing Tools of Journaling (2003), and also Professional Image Enhancement: 48 Tips for Achieving Job Satisfaction and Success (2008).

We’re so excited that this year, Andie will be teaching the first workshop of the first day: Myers Briggs – Honoring Ourselves and Our Differences.