February 14, 2017

Opening to Receive

The universal law of flow calls for us to give and to show up to receive. You may be the worlds’ best giver but do you truly know how to receive? Most women would answer: “I’m a giver and I’m the last person I give to.”

It’s not surprising.  As women, we have been trained for centuries to put others before ourselves.

When we do not receive we block the natural “flow  of abundance.”

Crazy as it sounds, the act of receiving is a practice. We need to prepare ourselves on many different levels in order to truly receive from others and from the universe.

The goal of this workshop is to provide attendees with the opportunity to identify an area in their life where they are blocking the flow and to provide them with practices and exercises that they can use to let the flow free, long after the session is over.

Our session starts with a brief teaching and goes directly into  experiential practices, and ends with a group discussion and Q&A.

Each participant will:

  • Identify the relationship or situation in her life where receivership is needed most.
  • Experience a practice  that will open her to being able to receive.
  • Be taken through a guided meditation where she visualizes  the relationship or situation as the receiver.

Group Discussion and Questions

Each participant will receive three Mp3’s following the workshop, each of which will be a guided meditation that can be used to further shift her energy from a one-way flow outward (giving but not receiving) into a two-way natural flow of giving and receiving. There is abundance in all of our lives, blocked from us, being held away; this workshop will guide us to open the flow of abundance into our lives.

This workshop will be led by Selina Maitreya – who attended Women At Woodstock 2016 and so generously shared information and offers of help during the last-day Mastermind Session. As a wise teacher of Practical Spirituality, Selina is a master of both giving and receiving. Those who met Selina last fall experienced her power and her compassion when she speaks. We’re in for something monumental on the first morning of Women At Woodstock 2017 when she teaches “Opening To Receive.”

Click here to learn more about Selina Maitreya.