Gwen Gordon – Play Like You Mean It

Gwen GordonGwen Gordon began a life of play designing and building Muppets for Sesame Street. She left the “Street” to join an Apple research group at the MIT Media Lab where she built furry computer playstations for children. Gwen has been an artist-in-residence in settings ranging from Xerox PARC to San Quentin Prison. She is a pioneer in the field of adult transformative play, publishing and teaching widely on the subject. Gwen has applied her insights about play to the design of programs, courses, and trainings for groups ranging from life coaches to TSA security officers and for popular films including What the Bleep Do We Know?!, The Story of StuffTHRIVE, and SPLIT. She has led adult play groups at Esalen, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Holy Names University, the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, and the Coaches Training Institute, among others. Gwen sports a local Emmy Award for creative directing the PBS pilot Kids, Cash, and Common Sense. She is now producing the film Seriously! A movie about play. For more information, contact Gwen here.

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