Good Thinking, Veronica James: Yes, Let’s Put the Cart Before the Horse

I got a call the other day from Veronica James, our resident blogger extraordinaire and leader of a massive following online (8,000+ Facebook followers, and 32,000+ Twitter followers!) who’s letting us in on her secrets in her workshop at Women At Woodstock 2015 this year. She was worried. “I’m not sure about the title of the workshop,” she said. “I don’t want to raise false expectations or mislead anyone about what it is that the workshop will be about.” We had a good discussion, and I could see how the original title might lead to the wrong expectations, so we came up with (or shall I say, she came up with) a much better one.  Here are Veronica’s thoughts and reasoning, in her own words:

veronica-jamesWhen Ann approached me about a workshop for Women at Woodstock, I was honored.  Ever since my first WAW experience last year, I’ve been looking for a way to give back to my new community of favorite women who have graciously given so much to me.

Ann, whom I lovingly call “The Master Pollinator” for her exceptional proficiency at bringing incredible women together, and I had a long conversation about what wit and wisdom I could bring to the table at this year’s gathering in November.

I was quite surprised when Ann mentioned that she’d like to learn about how I’ve built my community online and how I’ve garnered so much attention from traditional media for my website. Was the Master Pollinator insinuating that I too had cross-fertilizing skills?

The truth is, I do. But I hadn’t thought much about the nuts and bolts of how it came to be until I spoke with Ann. I primarily look at myself as a writer, not a “social media maven.” I didn’t create my social media channels and as a way to promote something I wanted to sell, I viewed them as a way to honestly connect with like-minded people. The sales of my book, Going Gypsy, and other benefits followed only after I found my voice online.

So how does this benefit you, my new favorite women?

I’m going to show you how getting the proper publicity and building authentic, grassroots relationships online is the only way to grow your web presence and get your product or service in front of advertising-savvy Boomers.

This workshop is not going to be a slap-on-Google-Ads-and-watch-your-bank-account-soar misinformation fest that we’ve all been fed, I will let you in on the real scoop based on my decade of owning a web design firm in Nashville, and my crazy adventure running my own website for the past seven years while traveling the world full-time.

In our phone conversation, Ann and I hatched up a working title for my workshop – “How DO You Go from Putting up a Website to Making Money,” but we came to realize we were putting the cart before the horse.

As Ann tells her clients, “You NEVER make money directly with a website – except in very rare circumstances. The whole purpose of your website is get permission from people to be allowed to talk to them regularly. Then you talk, share information, build trust, and eventually those who like and trust you will be interested in your product or service.”

She couldn’t be more right and, as I was putting together the nuts and bolts of my workshop I was coming to the same conclusion on my own. We must have been doing some cross-continental cross-pollinating, or at least doing that “great minds thinking alike” thing…

Putting the horse properly in front of the cart, I’d like to unveil my new and improved workshop title (drumroll, please!)

Getting Your Website the Attention it Deserves: How to Harness Media, Social Media and the Authentic You

I’m so looking forward to workshopping with you in November – and recharging at Women at Woodstock!

~ Veronica James, creator and publisher of the Boomer travel and empty nest lifestyle website,, and author of the bestselling book, Going Gypsy: One Couple’s Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All

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