Who You Gonna Call When You Have a Great Idea?

Ann FryAnn Fry – Guest Blogger

Let’s say you wake up in a state of mind that’s similar to many other days, where you dread the similarity of this day to every other day and perhaps feel trapped in the way things are.

Or, let’s say you wake up one morning, feeling refreshed, excited and with a desire for change in your life? It could happen, right?

The reality is that most people wake up like the first paragraph. The alarm goes off and they delve into their routine, as always … shower, dress, get coffee, get to work, etc. Each day they do that takes them further away from the reality of what they really want to be doing … what they yearn for.

How about now, as you read this, you decide that the buck stops here … that you are declaring that you are ready for change and will pursue things being different than they are now? Can you do that?

If so, let’s get started figuring out who you’re going to call to help you out. It’s difficult to sustain a new dream or desire without having someone to help you keep it alive. So, who would that be? A partner? A loved one? A best friend? Your dog?

You could stay inside and think it all out yourself, putting all the pieces together, but I guarantee you, you’ll get discouraged and give up more easily.

So, here are some tips for bringing a new idea into fruition:

1.     Write down what it is you want to create. Is it something you want to design – e.g. fashion, a new game, a new product? Is it a new business that builds on your expertise?

2.     Post it on a large poster board, with the written idea at the top and hang the board in a conspicuous place.

3.     Start to collage it – find clippings and photos from magazines that represent your vision. I call this a visual representation of the final product.

4.     If this is a new business, find someone with business experience, a mentor or a friend to help you figure out the objectives, the financial expectations, etc. and put together a plan of business.

5.     Then, hire a coach to help you implement. It’s a step-by-step process and doesn’t happen overnight.

Sounds easy, right? If that’s the case then when we watch those television shows where they hear new ideas, why do so many of them get rejected? They don’t get selected partly because they don’t have the details well put together into a plan. But, I bet there’s more to it than that.

What has to stand behind your idea is the strong desire, the longing, the yearning. The idea has to consume you. You want to feel it in your bones.

I’ve been self-employed for 27 years. I’ve had lots of new ideas and new product roll-outs. Many of them failed. The ones that succeeded came easily because I was aligned with the idea and the momentum was there.

So, here’s your invitation. Make today, you powerful woman, the day you declare what you really want as a shift to occur. Today’s the day you declare what your new direction is and you start on the journey to get there. Or, if you already love what you do, today’s the day you declare yourself lucky to do what you love and you take on tweaking it to perfection.

Today’s the day you find the perfect mentor or coach to help you manifest this desire.

Onward! And Upward!

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Ann Fry, MSW is the CEO of The ReGeneration Group. She is a professional speaker and an executive coach. Ann works with companies to create a culture that honors employees first by helping managers develop their leadership skills. When Ann takes on individuals for coaching they are ready to make a BOLD change to catapult their life. She teaches the Master Class in Coaching at NYU.

www.annfry.com • ann@annfry.com

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Ann will be presenting her workshop Calling All Entrepreneurs at Women At Woodstock East in Emerson, NY on Oct 14th.


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