October 3, 2016

Gift Bags & Goodies

gift bags - source jdorganizer blogspot

Surprise Gifts & Goodies

Everyone who attends Women At Woodstock or the Women At Woodstock Writer's Retreat will receive a lovely gift bag with surprises inside - some beautiful, some useful, some tasty, and one that's a little whimsical!


soft-cover journal purple

soft cover journal

Courtesy of Ann Voorhees Baker, of Women At Woodstock

soaps, lip balm, essence

soap, lip balms, hand creme, button carrying case

Courtesy of Crystal Cobert, of Faces on Beekman.

greeting card

They Did Not Know We Were Seeds - card or print

Courtesy of Phoebe Stout, of Untold Imprint

snacks in a basket - grok bites

grok bites tasty all-natural snacks

Courtesy of Heidi Reagan, of The Grok Bar

SuperbWoman books

The SuperbWoman, by Janet M. Neal

Courtesy of Janet Neal, of The Superbwoman

maple leaf felt coasters

hand-crafted felt maple-leaf coaster

Courtesy of Loesje Shema, of LoeLoe's Loft

Breast Milagro necklace

Breast Milagro pendant on choker

Courtesy of Leslie Jacobson, of Breast Milagro

owl tattoo

owl-in-flight by Beth Surdut press-on tattoo

For all of her art, visit Beth Surdut

gift box

surprise gift!

Courtesy of Ann Voorhees Baker, of Women At Woodstock

CD cover - Karol Ward

Your Inner Voice CD by Karol Ward

Courtesy of Karol Ward, of Karol Ward

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