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Get it right the first time

Do you have a tendency to draft an email, hit “send,” and then slap yourself in the forehead and say “Oh no! I forgot to say something!?” Or, “I can’t believe I forgot to insert the hyperlink for my website!?” If you do, you’re caught between a rock and a hard place if you’ve just sent a pitch to a reporter, because sending a second “Oh, also, let me add to or fix my first email” is almost as bad as the original error. Here’s a great method to follow to keep yourself from committing mistakes or forgetting essential items when you’re sending pitches to busy reporters:

1. Start your email by referencing what the reporter’s looking for.
2. Tell your story and show how it relates to the reporter’s request.
3. Include a link to your website.
4. State that you would be happy to speak with the reporter, provide additional information, or supply photos or samples (if appropriate).
5. Hit “save,” not send.
6. Work on something else for a period of time.
7. Return to your draft, re-read it, and make sure you haven’t made mistakes or forgotten something essential.
8. Schedule the email to be sent an hour from the current time.
9. Now hit send. You still have an hour to slap yourself in the head, convert the email back to draft, add info, and schedule a new send. If no forehead-slapping occurs, your email goes out as planned.

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