From Writers Retreat To Writer. Period.

Laura Iodice, one of the women who attended the Women At Woodstock 2016 Writers Retreat last October, just shared the news that the piece she was working on at the retreat has been published! It appears in issue no. 213 of the literary magazine Crack the Spine in the creative nonfiction category, under the title “Of Songbirds, Squirrels, and Street.”

As I’m reading Laura’s visual, thoughtful essay, I’m carried along by its imagery to the final point at the conclusion – an important point larger than the story itself.

And at the same time I’m reliving an evening last October when Laura read her first draft aloud to her fellow writers during one of our nightly “wine and reading” sessions.

I feel tremendous gratification – experiencing the hoped-for moment when we tell our fellow writers that our work has been published, and all of us remember hearing us read our work aloud, as but a hopeful writer, dreaming of a day when we would see our words in print. I can remember Laura’s voice as she read to the group when the only thing to go on at that moment was a belief in herself and the value of her story and her right to tell it. I remember her voice when she was brave enough to read words that had not yet been “ordained” by publication, yet our small community of fellow writers – some aspiring, some already published – believed in her, believed that she WAS a writer, because she is moved to write.  And now all of us can revel in her success, and say, “I was there when…”

Bravo, Laura Iodice. You’ve carried the dream forward. And I know you are the first of many to follow.

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