Finding Your Muse for Life and Writing

A Guest Post
by Angela Kaufman

Do you pay attention when your Muse calls to you?

Do you heed the voice, the nudging, or the burst of energy that brings you from the seed of a thought, not fully formed, to a completed work?

 Perhaps you have had many seeds planted and are still cultivating your garden of creativity. Perhaps your harvest has been abundant and your writing prolific. Either way, you know the feeling of being inspired by a source of energy that comes through you but not entirely from you.

All artists, writers and creative people channel the energy of the Divine constantly through our work. Yet we don’t always realize it. Maybe the word ‘channel’ sounds a little too risky. Too much like not being in control. We can admit to being inspired. To having an epiphany that we can build into a story or article. When you work openly with the connection to your Muse, Higher Wisdom, Intuition or whatever name you wish to call it, the words flow freely. The channel of inspiration is open. When we are blocked emotionally or creatively, it reflects a block in our connection to this higher part of our guidance as well.

Many writers use games and prompts to trigger the creative process and overcome blocks. In doing so, they are actually bypassing the logical mind and allowing the spontaneity of the creative, right brain, intuitive self to emerge. Similar to the practices which help us develop our connection to Higher Guidance through intuitive development. Tarot cards, for example, can be used to glean insight from our intuition as well as to trigger the creative process.

Heeding the call of the Muse and opening to Intuition involve the same basic processes. When we are willing to step out of the formulaic plans created by the ego and open ourselves to receive direction from a higher source, we are following this process. When we surrender and trust the process, walking through the story word by word, page by page, allowing the energy to flow in the moment, we are engaging in this process.

Whether you are seeking guidance in your writing process, or guidance in your life, career, or relationships, working with Tarot and intuition can open up your channel to your higher wisdom and your muse. In life, as in the writing process, our conscious planning and logic sometimes fall short. Our intuitive side, Higher Guidance, or Muse can help us overcome these roadblocks.

If you are feeling stuck in writing or in life, here are a few exercises to help you connect with your Muse or Higher Self.

Play- Spontaneity arises from our playful side. Whether you have an important decision to make or are staring frustrated at a blank document on Word, take a moment to not take the situation so seriously. Play a game, play with children or animals, play games with the words on the screen. This switches gears from logical to intuitive and free flowing and that is where the magic happens.

Ask for guidance and expect to receive it. We are constantly being guided. We just don’t usually step back to see the patterns, symbols, and synchronicities falling into place around us. Questions demand answers. One of the best ways to trigger the flow of information from your Higher Self or Spirit is to ask a question. Doing this turns your problem over to a higher source which will respond. Ask for guidance and then pay attention in the moments, hours, days that follow. Pay attention to the ‘coincidences’ which are not really coincidences but the language of Spirit. Pay attention to symbols around you and the messages you receive from seemingly unrelated conversations. We are constantly surrounded by teachers.

Talk to your work. Speak or write a ‘conversation’ with your characters. If you are writing a work of non-fiction which does not contain characters, then invoke through your imagination, the energy of the work. Start a discussion with the Source of your work and let it guide you. Don’t get sidetracked by doubting yourself or wondering whether the dialog is coming from yourself or another source. It is coming from a combination of both your subconscious and Higher Self.

[Ann’s Note:]

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