Finding Rest in the Midst of Stress – 2016 Retreats with Carolyn Braddock

Carolyn Braddock, a past presenter at Women At Woodstock, is an educator, Tai Ji instructor, consultant, minister, author, and founder of The Braddock Body Process. She specializes in innovative mind/body approaches to managing stress and patterns resulting from traumatic events.

Carolyn teaches small group retreats throughout the year in Ojai, California. Her 2016 schedule is now set and her next retreat begins on March 3rd.

This year the retreats will combine two workshops into one – Finding Rest in the Midst of Stress.

Here’s what Carolyn has to say about the retreats:

Tune UP and Tune IN! Find Your “Mojo” which is the essence of who you are, and that quality that sets you apart from everyone else. This may also include your passion, purpose, confidence, career choices, transitions, and motivation. Find balance between “doing” and “being.” We will also focus on Metaphors and how they are reflected in daily life. Focus on simple daily, fluid practice of specific techniques to manage and reduce stress using Breath, Movement, and Sound. Learn empowering strategies to unwind and release stress with ease. Learn ways that language, verbal and non-verbal, reflects our thought process and belief systems. What is the next step, or goal in your life? How will you get there? What questions would you like answered? Find that breath of “fresh air” in Self Care.

There’s still time to register for a spot. You can find the description of workshops, pricing, lodging info, and all other details at The Braddock Body Process, or email Carolyn directly at

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