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I’m very pleased to announce that as of this week, I will become a regular contributor to Roommates4Boomers, the innovative, game-changing website that matches up women over 50 who are looking to share housing. Founded by Karen Venable in 2013, the website is dedicated to helping boomer women find the ideal shared housing situation, whether they have a home to share or are searching for a place to call home.

Karen Venable & Carol Buckle
Karen Venable, left and Carol Buckle

Karen’s “About” page features a picture of Karen with her friend Carol, with whom she lived for a time after her divorce a few years ago. That period of shared living totally changed Karen’s outlook on the concept of living with a roommate, something she had never considered before. She found to her surprise that the companionship, emotional support, and fun of living with a roommate was really great, not to mention the cost savings. And that’s how Karen got the idea to create a service that would help women from all over find other compatible women to share their homes.

Says Karen, “Our successful and highly rewarding shared housing experience led me to create this website for boomer women. For those women seeking to reinvent or re-create their living spaces, using our sophisticated algorithm, we match those who own homes with those that need homes. Please join our community and find your perfect roommate.”

I like the Roommates4Boomers site not only for the service it provides just for boomer women seeking a new lifestyle as they move forward, but because its blog features an ongoing series of articles, finds, and commentary about a wide range of topics of interest to women over 50. Karen talks about trends in shared housing, aging in place, positive aging, innovative services, and products and ideas of interest to boomer women. You can find her posts every Monday.

And now, starting this week, you can find my posts on the Roommates4Boomers blog too, every Thursday! I’ll be talking about community among older women, independence, alternate ways of thinking about life and one’s lifestyle, the process of making change, and some of my own personal experiences. I hope you’ll subscribe to the Roommates4Boomers blog and that you’ll enjoy the posts that both Karen and I will be sharing every week. Click here to subscribe to the Roommates4Boomers blog.


3 thoughts on “Find Me On Roommates4Boomers Every Thursday!

    • July 10, 2016 at 11:46 am

      What a great and funny article about temporarily moving in with loved ones! Yes, this definitely falls into the “I’d never consider that” category, where so many people feel about permanently moving in with roommates. Expand your mind, expand your possibilities… And are you in the midst of your around-the-world trip right now?

      • July 10, 2016 at 10:53 pm

        We have just started! We’re spending the summer road-tripping around the USA, crashing with loved ones and seeing the sights. On Sept 1 we begin our international portion, when we fly to Spain!


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