Felice Shapiro – We Are The Trailblazers

we are the trailblazers - Better After 50Great article by Felice Shapiro in Better After 50 – “We Are The Trailblazers.”  She talks about Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg’s mission to empower women in the workplace.  And she gives this our unique perspective – women from the up side of 50 – when we are transitioning, contemplating, reflecting, and working so hard to make choices for our forward movement that are truly in line with our inner, truer selves.

Felice talks about how this time is akin to starting college, when we “declared our majors” – one of the main themes of Women At Woodstock.  Yes, so true.

I wish we could all gather and share our hopes, dreams, knowledge, experience, and support – thousands and thousands of us, yet somehow with the intimacy of our Women At Woodstock retreats.  Well, one retreat at a time…  we’ll get there.

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