Expect Coincidences When You’re On a Self-Directed Path

Coincidences cycle tighter and tighter when you’re on a self-directed path.  That actually sounds like a contradiction.  If you’re choosing your own direction, then wouldn’t the unexpected and the random – i.e. coincidences – almost disappear?

I am finding the answer to be a big fat NO.  Just last week I was happy to be a guest of Wello at their incredible gathering called the Collaboratory, where I met a remarkable group of new women in my life, and got to spend time again with Gwen Gordon, our Day of Play fearless leader from Women At Woodstock West, and with Ellen Rohrer and Jacqui Rotunno of Wello who also attended Women At Woodstock in July.  At dinner on the first night, I talked with several interesting women, and felt a special connection with one in particular, Bonnie.  We ended up sharing a cab together back to the hotel.

The next morning, I happened to get deep into a conversation with another woman, Melinda, about environmental protection and global connectedness. I think it began when I told her I started my career many years ago as a lawyer for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  She too, as it turned out, is an avid environmentalist, and we talked for probably 20 minutes before I learned that she’s actually the Founder and Co-Director of Women’s Earth Alliance, the very organization I had planned to contact the following week to discuss some possible future work we might do together.  Amazing that Melinda and I just happened to sit together at breakfast, not knowing who each of us were!

So later that day, we women all took turns selecting wooden “wish disks” from a basket of disks upon which we’d written our wishes for and offers of help the night before.  There were 200 or more disks, and  I sorted through them pretty randomly. One caught my eye; a wish that someone would help her get organized.  I took it with a little spark of joy – I used to teach a course through my community center on organizing, filing, and tracking paperwork, calendars, bills, and work timelines, as well as overall household organization. It would be fun to dust off those tried and true techniques and help someone out with them!

At the end of all of our day’s exercises, we gathered together for a group photo shoot.  I got into the third row and waited for everyone to finish collecting. Bonnie appeared at my side. We chatted about the exercises of the day.  We wondered how we’d find the women whose wishes we picked up, or who picked up ours. “Yeah,” said Bonnie, “I put in a disk with a wish that someone would help me get organized.” I reached into my pocket, pulled out the disk, and held it up. “You mean this one?” I asked.

I’m seeing again and again that wishes and needs and interests and like-minded people converge, especially when you’re actively seeking that which you desire. Some call this manifesting your own reality through your wishes. I call it magic.  I truly believe that when women come together, we connect in ways we cannot understand, and we attract one another and break the laws of probability over and over again.  I don’t pretend to have power over this. I just become a little less surprised and a little more delighted each time it happens.


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