Expect Coincidences When You’re On a Self-Directed Path – Part 2

whales breaching in unisonA while ago I talked about coincidences and how often they seem to occur when you’re consciously seeking – well, whatever you’re seeking. You seem to find yourself surrounded by a growing web of connectedness that makes uncanny sense.

Before our first Women At Woodstock West retreat last summer, I was talking with Sherry Amatenstein about her participation on the panel for our Healing Past Wounds workshop.  I learned, for the first time, that Sherry is not only a therapist and an expert on healthy relationships in marriage, she is the daughter of Holocaust Survivors.  And not only that, she participated in Survivors of the Shoah, Steven Spielberg’s massive worldwide project to conduct and record interviews of Holocaust Survivors from every corner of the earth. Sherry conducted scores of those interviews.

Less than a week later, in a developing exchange of emails I’d been having with Mia, a woman who kindly responded to my post the previous December on Holiday Blues of a Divorced Mom, this woman – not knowing of my conversations with Sherry – remarked that she is the daughter of Holocaust Survivors, and has suffered other painful wounds in her life including divorce and the murder of her father.  Her father’s case was never solved until she undertook heroic efforts more than 30 years after the fact to get the cold case reopened and the perpetrator arrested and scheduled for trial.  She’s talking with A&E Entertainment Network about a possible documentary .

What an extraordinary coincidence that in the same week I got to know these two women who have suffered in common, yet are not victims but fighters – or more accurately, healers in their own right. I knew that it was a strange coincidence, yet at the same time I knew that my focus and actions of the past year had resulted, somehow, in this unlikely sequence of new friends coming into my life.

Just a few days ago I was working at my desk, grumbling in my head about the complicated problem I was dealing with for a client, feeling mired in difficult communications and drowning in a decidedly down state of mind, when I saw a message in my inbox from Mia, with whom I haven’t spoken for months.  I immediately opened it, and read an extraordinary, uplifting story that she shared – and it set me sailing away on a tiny ship on a sea of good feelings.  Mia had no way of knowing what was going on in my life, but for some reason she was moved to email me right at that moment, right when I needed to be lifted out of my at-my-desk life.  Who knows what primitive and seasonal rhythms transport women along a shared current, swimming in synch?

Live consciously.

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