Emotional Freedom or Emotional Baggage

Carol CoronisCarol Coronis – Guest Blogger

Emotional freedom doesn’t suggest being free of emotions. They are designed to call your attention to what is happening within you, and around you, so that you might respond. All emotions derive from needs and drive your choices – they are neither good or bad. They are important, however.

The opportunity for freedom is always calling us yet we are seldom aware. In other words we are unconscious of our feelings, we are often confused by them and choose to ignore them. By doing this we deny our right to express and work through them, we disown our rightful choice in making our needs known. Why is that?

Perhaps as children we were told that we exhibited “too much laughter, too much whining, too many tears, too much frivolity, we are too wild.” We were trained by parents who inherited their comfort level, and emotional tolerance from their own parents. We then build an emotional boundary for ourselves that keep us safe, or so we think. The amount of emotional freedom we have is based on generations past. It isn’t ours.

Unexpressed emotions are relegated to the unconscious. We seldom question why we feel guilty, ashamed, or angry. We begin to judge ourselves thinking we are inappropriate or selfish or hateful. We avoid or repress our emotions and that becomes our baggage. It can get heavy, yet carrying it seems easier than to unpack and drop it.

How can you remain true to yourself while managing and maintaining relationships? It’s a sensitive situation. Relationships call us to be kind, thoughtful and present for others. In many cases, especially if you are in the habit of repressing your own needs, tending to someone else’s can seem a burden and difficult.

Setting aside the baggage of unexpressed emotions makes room for reprogramming yourself. Yes, we can reboot. As we begin to open our hearts we can approach life fully alive and aware. This is the spiritual and emotional freedom that fills our soul with love, compassion, defenselessness and a higher state of consciousness. Relationships call for a willingness to make yourself vulnerable by showing emotion. It is worth the risk.

During my presentation I will display a visual representations of the natural evolution of our physical, mental / emotional, and spiritual growth. You will see clearly how your life has evolved. You will see where you may have blocks, baggage from the past. You will discover your inborn ability and tools that allow you to let go, put the baggage down. This will enlarge your capacity to speak your truth, manage your relationships with honesty and an open heart. The decisions you make create your future.

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Carol Coronis will be presenting at Women At Woodstock 2014 in Charleston, South Carolina on Oct 20th

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