Dorland Mountain Arts Colony Sponsors Women At Woodstock

Dorland Mountain Arts Colony - Markham Cottage

My writers residency at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony gave me everything I needed; an extraordinary week in a beautiful setting; a solitary existence atop a mountain in a zen-like flow of early morning light, growing and glowing sunshine, visiting birds, bunnies, and lizards, an expansive view, fresh breezes growing into late afternoon winds, rich red sunsets, and quiet. Beautiful quiet. I am so very grateful to Dorland for giving me a week to step out of my life and devote my time to writing, uninterrupted and steeped in peace.

And now I’m even more grateful – and thrilled – to announce that Dorland Mountain Arts Colony has stepped in as a sponsor of Women At Woodstock 2020 Virtual! Thank you so much to Janice Cipriani-Willis, Executive Director, and all of the other staff and members who make Dorland what it is. 

Here are just a few photos from my wonderful stay at the cottage I had to myself at Dorland in June:

Dorland Mountain Arts Colony - Markham Cottage

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