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Disrupt Aging – Now This Is a Cool Video – And Surprise, It’s by AARP!

What is Old AARP video

To be honest, I usually cringe whenever I’m presented with something that AARP has produced. But this video got me thinking; Do I mentally discriminate against AARP because when I was 30, my reaction to it was, “AARP? Euyug. Old and out of touch.” Even now that I’m a member (a long-standing member, I might add), I still half-reject it. Like, I kind of look at their stuff, but mostly not. Most of the time I delete their emails without even glancing at them, assuming that they’re sharing alarmist article on scams (Old, old, OLD news. Pleez.), or that they’ll give advice about hobbies or jobs that I don’t even want to think about, much less do, or that they’ll be talking talking talking about social security and Medicare – granted, extremely important, but can we put those issues alongside other features instead of front and center?

So regardless of what they’re really doing, I still hold the thought that AARP is not really for me; it’s really for out-of-touch old farts.  Which of course, can’t you see, is not me.

But I was kind of blown away today by this video: “Millennials Show Us What ‘Old’ Looks Like.” Maybe AARP isn’t so old and fuddy as I still think it is. Watch:

2 thoughts on “Disrupt Aging – Now This Is a Cool Video – And Surprise, It’s by AARP!

  1. That was great! Funny AND moving. I now know three editors who work at AARP, all from my days working at Wenner Media (Rolling Stone) and they are definitely not old fogeys. I daresay they’re out to disrupt aging, and I expect to see more things like this from them. Thanks for sharing this video.

    1. Thanks, Laura! Interesting to think about new blood infusing itself into AARP – editors from Rolling Stone, no less! The Boomers invade, and AARP gets younger!

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