Diane Baranello – Your Next Big Step

Diane BaranelloCongratulations to WAW alum Diane Baranello, who has a wonderful article published on PR Week. Diane offers excellent tips for anyone who is mid-career or looking for their next opportunity.

For those of you who don’t know Diane, she is a personal branding and collaborative career coach for mid-career women, she is the Principal of Coaching for Distinction, and she was an attendee of Women At Woodstock South 2014.  Like so many women who attend WAW, she has a long list of accomplishments to her name, yet she was willing and interested to just come and learn and meet the other women, even though she’s highly qualified to lead a workshop on her own. There are so many “sleepers” like this in our midst when we’re gathered at WAW. The atmosphere and the group dynamic make it so easy to talk with everyone, and you often get to know women before you know “who” they are. That’s part of the magic.

Check out Daine’s article on PR Week: How To Take That Next Step On The Career Ladder

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