Isreali Dance – Just for the Heck of It

If you’ve ever been to a Jewish wedding or attended a bar or bat mitzvah, you’ve danced (or at least watched) the hora. But there’s so much more to Israeli dance, so here’s a fun workshop: Israeli Dance, Just for the Heck of It. We did it last year, it was really fun, and we got lots of requests to do it again this year, so Deborah Blankenberg, who grew up doing the hora at every big gathering and who’s been studying Israeli dance for the last three years is returning to teach us more!.

Join Deborah in the Great Room as the day is waning on Sunday for the very last, celebratory workshop of the retreat!  Deborah will teach a few basic steps, then put them together to teach some fun, easy dances. Believe me, NO experience necessary. Let’s move it, girl, and have fun! And hey, the great thing about this dance is that we can all help hold each other up while we’re doing it!

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