Creative Circles – an Old-Fashioned Bee, Multiplied

circles of women - paintingA few weeks ago we asked what everyone thought about having a sort of an old-fashioned bee at Women At Woodstock, only ramped up; more than one circle, each centered around one type of task or creative endeavor; women sharing and doing and chatting side-by-side. We asked for a vote on the best name. The winner was Creative Circles. And so it is.

So on Sunday morning, our last day together at our October gathering, we’ll get together in the cozy library where we have couches, armchairs, a big dining table, and several small-group tables. Women who’ve got something to share – like how to create a soul collage, journal, do henna tattoos, knit, do zentangle, take better photographs, do a short yoga session to start your day, make felt booties for your local hospital – will show what they know, and those who are interested can learn and give it a try. It’s low-key, it’s not gonna make you a million bucks, it’s not gonna save the world, but it’s good for the mind and good for your inner peace. Kinda like de-fragging your brain. Share what you know or learn from others. Up to you.

We’ve got a couple of creative circles planned already, but we have space for more. Do you want to teach something that you know and enjoy doing? Fill out the form below!

(If the form below is not displaying right for you, click here to reach a “free-standing” form.)



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