Creating Your Own Peace

Creating Your Own Peace

Everyone is seeking peace and happiness, but most look outside themselves for the way to peace. In actuality, we create the peace we seek and we can use the disruptions in our daily life as transformational tools to take us there!

Many of us believe that once we have enough money, time, or good health, we will finally achieve tranquility. Others believe that peace will come from having the right career or finding the perfect partner, thinking that those things will provide the answer to the happiness they seek.

BUT, experiencing an ongoing peaceful state rarely comes from attaining these wishes.

As a spiritual teacher, Selina Maitreya knows that we experience true peace only when we choose daily moment-to-moment peace – when we learn to respond to people and situations from a place of equanimity and calm. When we learn how to be guided by our higher wisdom rather than by our intellect or emotions, that’s when we start to experience sustained peace. We’re thrilled that Selina is leading this workshop for us at Women At Woodstock 2022.

Selina’s goal in teaching this workshop is to provide attendees with the experience of creating peace for themselves and to leave them with practices and exercises that they can use long after the session is over.

Our session on Wednesday, October 12 will start with a brief teaching and then go directly into experiential practices. We will end with a group discussion and Q&A.

During our daylong experiential workshop, each participant will be guided to :

  • Identify the relationship or belief that they hold that doesn’t serve. This will be the focus for their work.
  • A specific manifestation of love that they can use as a response their emotions around the relationship or belief.
  • Develop an affirmation that they can use as an additional tool to move forward to shift the energy around that relationship or belief.

Day’s Schedule:

Morning Teaching: How To Use Our Daily Life To Attain True Peace

Guided Meditation/Practice: Where are you out of alignment?

Practice : Guided meditation learning to respond to subject /situation from love

               Group share experience


Afternoon Teaching: How to use our challenges as true gifts that transform our lives 

Practice: Visualization meditation to bring our peaceful life into form

Creation of affirmations

/  Group share

Ending Prayers (Julia Cameron)

All participants will receive:

  • Worksheet to use during the day and as a reference long after the event is over.
  • 2 new word phrases as tools to shift your frequency
  • New personal affirmation created
  • Open To Receive Meditation +/Chakra Cleanse meditation
  • Completed Worksheet highlighting your area of focus and tools for transformation
  • 2 Mp3’s following the workshop. Each Mp3 will be a guided meditation that can be used to further shift the energy.
  • Link to Selina’s 4-day video program: “Transform Difficulty Into Peace.”

One thought on “Creating Your Own Peace

  • March 27, 2022 at 8:10 am

    So looking forward to seeing you! Your meditations are brilliant and have helped me tremendously along my journey! 🙏🏼❤️💫👏🏼
    Blessings to you!


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