Coming August 4 – Easy Peasy Computer Tricks & Shortcuts Nobody Ever Told You About

My colleague and friend Janet Neal, a long-standing Women At Woodstock alum, heads a content-rich and supportive online community for women called the Tribe of Superbwomen. I’m honored to be a member of the Tribe’s Executive Council.
As such, I have the opportunity to offer a webinar from time to time to share my expertise with not only Tribe members, but the public in general. So – Ta Da! – announcing my next webinar on Friday, August 4 at noon eastern: 
“Oh Wow, I Didn’t Know That!”
Easy Peasy Computer Tricks & Shortcuts Nobody Ever Told You About
 To register, click here to email Janet Neal for the link to sign up.
if the link doesn’t work for you, email Janet at:
Here’s what my webinar is about:
If you’re computer savvy and yet constantly frustrated – or you hate tech and would sooner use carrier pigeons, sit down with a cup of coffee (or, if you’re super frustrated – sure, a glass of wine), and let me fill you in on some neato keeno, easy-peasy shortcuts and tools that just might make your time at the keyboard easier.


Over my years of working with clients, designing their websites and helping them with their computer problems, social media accounts, and email campaigns, I’ve collected a bag of tricks that fall under the category of “Oh, wow, I didn’t know that!” These are tools and techniques that are right under our noses, but that most people don’t know about or have never used. When I show these tricks and tools to my clients, they’re often amazed, and some of them even kick themselves a little for all the time they’ve wasted following unnecessary steps or old clunky processes to get things done on Word, or with images, or simply with stuff online.


I’m going pull out my bag of tricks for you, and you’ll come away with some great tools and techniques you wish you’d known about a long time ago.


These include:


  1. “universal truths” that work everywhere
  2. making a Word doc look pretty without doing any real work
  3. practically secret tools that come with Windows
  4. a cool tool to manage gmail
  5. under the category of WTF!: an answer to WHY you can’t edit docs you open from gmail
  6. an online photo editing program that does more than you’d expect
  7. how to make a video ad on Facebook

This webinar is FREE for Tribe Members, or if you’re a member of the Tribe’s Facebook page, it’s $10. For all others, it’s just $15. And I’ll throw in another little goody to make it worthwhile: for anyone who attends the webinar and is a “member” of Women At Woodstock (meaning simply that you’re on my email list), I’ll offer you a free in-depth evaluation of your website and half-hour phone consult to review its strengths and weaknesses and give you pointers on how you can make it better, safer, and a stronger draw for web traffic. During the webinar on Friday, I’ll explain how you can take advantage of this offer.

 To register, click here to email Janet Neal, ( and she’ll send you the appropriate link to register.  See you then!

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