Change Or Perish

I’m super pleased to announce that Nancy Shenker, entrepreneur extraordinaire, will be leading the discussion at our Saturday Evening Salon at Women At Woodstock 2017. While we enjoy the warmth of the fire, nibble cheese and nuts, and sip a glass of wine or two, she’ll charge us up with some predictions for the future and a lively discussion! The topic: Change Or Perish!

As women over 50 we’ve all dealt with life and work changes. Because of technology and generational shifts, the speed of change has accelerated. How do you reinvent your life for both personal happiness and prosperity? What are your obstacles to change and how do you overcome them? We’re the first generation of women who will have a “second lifetime,” with many of us living to 100. How do you move and flex even faster to get more from those years? Nancy will share some simple techniques and tools she’s used throughout her own life to help her quickly morph and remain relevant and prosper.

To learn more about Nancy and her background, click here.

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