Cathy Vogt

Cathy Vogt, personal chef and wellness coach and CEO of A Natural Chef, is known to and adored by anyone who’s attended Women At Woodstock in the past few years, because she’s served as our chef extraordinaire for so many delicious and memorable meals! The thing we love about her cooking is – well, several things: 1) It’s delicious, 2) It’s hearty and satisfying, 3) It’s super healthy with foods that have antioxidant, immunity-boosting, muscle-building and metabolism-supporting qualities, and 4) It’s locally sourced and organic.

Yum on all levels!

We will miss her cooking dearly this year as we are virtual, but hallelujah, she’s bringing her wealth of knowledge and some delicious recipes to an online workshop for us: an Immunity-Boosting Foods Cooking Class, on our last afternoon together at the Over-50 Retreat.