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Make New Friends When You Lose the Old

Karen Venable, founder of Roommates4Boomers, writes in her guest post on Sixty and Me: In the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, it’s suggested that you discard items in your home that don’t bring you joy. The same could be said about friends, I suppose. But what about when a friendship you treasure gets taken[…]

Eva Medilek and Ann Voorhees Baker interview

Join Me on “Midlife on Fire” with Eva Medilek

I’m excited to share that I was asked to join a group of 21 women-in-midlife leaders who are to be featured in Eva Medilek’s series, “Midlife on Fire: How to Create Powerful Shifts in Thoughts and Actions to Ignite a Life of Wow! ” Eva is conducting daily interviews for over three straight weeks and[…]

Linnea Duvall

Good-Bye, Linnea Duvall – One of Our Own, and One In a Million

I just learned that Linnea Duvall, one of our group at the very first Women At Woodstock gathering back in 2012, and a vibrant member of the community from that point forward, has passed away. When Linnea was present, you knew it, and not just because she wasn’t afraid to speak up or to show[…]

Ann Stoney

Beginners Guide to Publishing in Literary Magazines – Advice from Ann Stoney

One of the many women who impressed me at the Women At Woodstock 2017 Writers Retreat was Ann Stoney. Not only is she a beautiful writer, she gets herself out there. Ann has racked up an impressive list of stories published by literary magazines over many years of writing. She’s a pro. I asked Ann[…]

Ginnah Howard

Author Ginnah Howard Is Offering Private Manuscript Critique Service to WAW Writers

Last year author Ginnah Howard came to the Women At Woodstock Writers Retreat and shared an illuminating hour with us – about the books she’s published, about the process of writing, about how she was able to define herself as a writer, and how it is to live a writer’s life. It was one of[…]

feedspot top 75 baby boom blogs award

Roommates4Boomers Wins “Top Baby Boomer Blog” Award!

I’m excited – and kind of proud – to announce that Roommates4Boomers was named one of the Top 75 Baby Boomer Blogs on the web by Feedspot!  I say “kind of proud” because Roommates4Boomers is not my website – it was founded and is run by Women At Woodstock community member Karen Venable who came[…]

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“We each had our own version of ‘yeah, but…’ in diminishing our writing”

It’s satisfying to hear from someone who found inspiration and motivation at the Women At Woodstock Writers Retreat. But Angela said even more about what that long weekend last October did for her as a writer. In a recent blog post she talked about the expectations she brought to the weekend, and the results she[…]

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3 Women At Woodstock Alums Published This Year – And That’s Not All

Jill Dodd, Laura Iodice, and Peggy Reskin are living proof that when women come together, great things happen. After attending Women At Woodstock, a gathering for women over 50, all three achieved their dreams as writers. Jill Dodd wrote her memoir on high fashion and a global love affair, The Currency of Love (Atria/Enliven Books), Laura Iodice published an essay[…]

"Tuesday Lunch" title page

The Story of “The Tuesdays” – How Women Keep Each Other’s Spirits Alive

Diane Stark, a Women At Woodstock alum and an old friend from as far back as my New York City halcyon days, has been working on a film called “Tuesday Lunch.” I’ve written about it before. It’s a wonderful film about a loyal group of friends in Long Island, NY, who’ve been meeting for lunch[…]

feisty side of 50

If You’re Happy, Chances Go Up 25% That Your Friend Will Be Happy

I had another wonderful conversation with Eileen Williams on her blog talk radio show, “Feisty Side of Fifty,” and was more than happy to fill her in on what was coming down the road for Women At Woodstock this October. I told her about the workshop weekend and the writing retreat, and the exciting women who will[…]