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You’re Invited to Promote Your Company – At No Charge

by Phoebe Stout Coordinator, Women At Woodstock Planning for Women At Woodstock 2017 is well underway and we’re very excited about this year’s workshops and schedule. One of our favorite WAW traditions are the gift bags and farewell dinner giveaways. Not only does everyone love a good gift bag and giveaway, but these fun extras are also a[…]

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Peggy Reskin – Women’s Rights Author – Coming To Women At Woodstock

Peggy Reskin is an author who came forward to share her story at just the right time: Now. We are in the midst of a powerful tidal wave of renewed activism, commitment, and determined solidarity in working for what is right. And that is the story that Peggy shares; of her own life, coming of[…]

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The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: Apps & Software You Never Knew You Needed

We’re excited to bring you a fun, do-it-right-now workshop that shows you some amazing apps and software that will make you say, “Oh wow, this is so cool!!” But what if you’re one of those whose attitude is, “Who needs to learn new apps and new software? We’ve all gotten along just fine without –[…]

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The Magical Word “Manifest” – Is It Hooey Or True?

When dreamy (aka flaky) people talk about how you can “manifest” something in your life – like love, money, or fame – by simply believing it will come to you, I want to gag. Talk about the ultimate magical thinking. And talk about enabling a person to sit in a passive state and feel/believe/expect that[…]

Powered By The Sun – Our Farmhouse Is Solar & That Lights Up My Day

One of the things I haven’t really brought up about the incredible place on earth where we’ll be celebrating Women At Woodstock this year is the fact that it’s solar-powered. Not sure why I haven’t said anything; it’s one of the things that sealed the deal for me when I first checked out Lifebridge Sanctuary.[…]

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Laurie Stone: Memory Is The Enemy Of Story

Why do you want to write? Because one way or another, you want to share your experience and your feelings about your experience, whether through fiction or memoir. You want to tell your story. And that’s your enemy. Memory, says author Laurie Stone, is the enemy of story. On Thursday, November 3, Laurie will come[…]

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She Writes Press Sponsors WAW Writers Retreat!

We are thrilled to announce that the highly regarded publishing house, She Writes Press, is a sponsor of the Women At Woodstock 2016 Writers Retreat! She Writes Press is an independent publishing company founded to serve members of, the largest global community of women writers online, and women writers everywhere. She Writes Press is both[…]

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“You’re Too Old To Be A Writer.” Shut Up, Voice Inside My Head.

I was talking to Veronica James, author of Going Gypsy – One Couple’s Adventure From Empty Nest to No Nest At All and the woman behind the uber popular blog “Gypsy Nester” – or rather I was kind of shouting at her, because I was so excited that she’s agreed to teach a workshop at the Women[…]

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Making Peace With Food

This morning I read an interesting article by Megan Cuzzolino on the Holstee website, about the whole crazy way so many of us regard our food consumption; as a series of “tox shock” episodes that build up “badness” in our bodies… that must then be purged away by a “detox cleanse” of some sort. What a terrible[…]