woman being interrupted by man's finger on mouth

Manterruptions – It’s Not Just You

Just sayin’. Or trying to, anyway… Women are interrupted far more often than men are. Mostly it’s men who do it, but women do it too. So if you’re interrupted often, it’s not just you. It’s a persistent and pervasive gender bias. Not complaining. Just sayin’. Be aware. Learn to adapt. And don’t perpetuate it yourself.  Read[…]

woman holding help sign

Password Hell

Here’s what they all tell you: Never use a password that includes names, numbers, or places from your life. Never use the same password twice. Never write down your passwords. Never store your passwords on your computer or your phone. Never give your passwords to anyone else. Password Rules Are Hell According to rules Number[…]

money flying through sky with wings

A Better, Tech-ier Way To Send Money Overseas

The extent to which people are moving around the globe; traveling overseas, taking extended stays, becoming expats – well, you’d think the whole world was their home. Wait a minute, the whole world is our home, isn’t it? More Travel. More Money Moving Around the Globe. As we grow older, many of us are traveling[…]

Ann Stoney

Beginners Guide to Publishing in Literary Magazines – Advice from Ann Stoney

One of the many women who impressed me at the Women At Woodstock 2017 Writers Retreat was Ann Stoney. Not only is she a beautiful writer, she gets herself out there. Ann has racked up an impressive list of stories published by literary magazines over many years of writing. She’s a pro. I asked Ann[…]

Woman Kneeling Down Taping a Shipping Box

Hectic Holidays? 3 Sites and Apps to Save You Time and Money Right Now and All Year

You’re running around. You’re spending money. You’re starting to feel that familiar holiday-stress, that slippery-slope feeling: not enough time, too much spending. Your natural instinct is to double down on the hours of holiday preparation, grit your teeth and shell out the money even though it’s starting to feel out of control. You’re not alone.[…]

It Never Ends book cover

Mothering Adult Daughters – The Job For Which You Have No Training Goes On

I just heard from Sandra Butler of the 70 Candles group (women aged 70 and over) about her new book, co-authored with Nan Gefen: It Never Ends: Mothering Middle-Aged Women. Published by She Writes Press, the book is available on Amazon. This is a topic I don’t often see discussed; and as I read Sandra’s description[…]

two women at tea laughing

Lonely Over the Holidays? Don’t Be…

Roommates4Boomers, the roommate-matching service for women over 50, announced a month of FREE service throughout the 2017 winter holidays. People who live alone feel loneliest during holiday season. And in these days of political invective, sexual scandals, and tragic shootings, the collective angst adds an extra layer of stress to the isolation felt by those[…]

hands holding coins

How to Use Tech to Donate to Good Causes For Free

Contributing to the common good is one of the very best reasons for becoming more tech savvy. And it’s even better when your use of tech helps people in need (or the planet) at no cost to you, and via a process that makes your donations automatic and effortless. Once you set up your participation,[…]

Just In Case book cover

A Chance To Mentor About Love & Money – “Just In Case”

At last year’s Women At Woodstock, Alice March gave a rousing speech at the Mastermind Session about how we need to take action – to talk less and do more – to mentor those who are coming up behind us. We need to do what we say, share our knowledge, and serve as models for[…]

farm fresh produce

Fab Find: Farm Box To Your Door

For all my Women At Woodstock community members who live in California – I wanted to share this recent find: a service called Farm Fresh To You, which delivers a box of fresh-picked, in-season, organic produce and other food products from local farms right to your door. I always buy mostly organic foods but I don’t always[…]