Ann’s Tech Tips, Tools & How-Tos

I have another website for my “day job” as a writer and website designer: https://annvbaker.com. There, I blog about computer & internet stuff like cool new apps, troublesome software issues, tips on how to do things on your computer quicker and faster, a self-explanatory category called “My Stupid Computer,” and what I call “The Shame[…]

Seriously. You. Must. Do. Video.

And I have a suggestion that makes it so easy! Yes, I know everyone’s telling you to put video on your website.  Here’s the why and a great way to achieve the how. First the “why.” Video attracts more attention, and is chosen more often, when it’s in a list of website options in a[…]

When is it best for YOU to tweet?

If you use Twitter, you’ve probably heard advice about the best times to tweet – those days and hours when the highest number of people are on Twitter, looking at their feeds. Experts will advise you that those are the best windows of opportunity for tweeting. This advice is good to know, but it’s very,[…]