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Where is Your Target Audience On the Web?

This internet usage infographic was compiled in March 2012 so – grain of salt.  But the numbers, relative to each other, are very illuminating and certainly give you an idea of where your target audience is living on the web. Click here for a nifty infographic showing who’s active, and where, on the web, courtesy[…]

Internet Catch-Up for Boomers and Above at UCLA

I’m having a great time teaching “Internet Catch-Up for Boomers and Above” at UCLA Extension this winter. This is a first-time offering, and enrollment for the class sold out! Originally set for a classroom with a maximum capacity of 47, the course had to be moved to a different building with a larger room to[…]

Marketing – The Twelve Touches Are Not Always Good

Today I got a call from Dell.  Or a call from a minion laboring away in a call pit, hired by Dell.  I am not happy about my call from Dell. I bought a new laptop from Dell approximately 18 months ago. I’m using my laptop and trying to get my work done.  My laptop works[…]

Still At Do-It-Yourself Stage? Here’s a Great Resource for Web Design and Other Design Projects

Daniel Epstein of the “Unreasonable” group appears to be a very interesting fellow who is seeking to break the mold in just about every direction his mind takes him.  I’ll be watching him from now on with curiosity to see how he fares and if his “Box? What box?” thinking succeeds.  He seems to be[…]

How Color Influences Marketing

Going far beyond the old days when we learned that “red” would make products stand out on the shelves and sell better, here’s a great infographic that breaks down color every which way and talks about target market, the perceived value or characteristic portrayed by different colors, preferred colors of different demographic groups, and more.[…]

Video How-To for Driving Web Traffic & Making Money

Video is still right up there in the web traffic / SEO world, and it’s an area where most small business owners remain sadly behind.  It just seems too high a techhie wall for so many. Well, I’m going a little bit out on a limb here – I’m recommending a webinar by James Wedmore[…]

AutoSchedule Comes to Hootsuite

If you’re using Hootsuite for your posts, good news: they’ve upgraded their service to include an autoschedule feature that will post your messages at the optimal times for each social network.  Be sure to use this new feature – should give a little extra impact to your messages.  Check out how it works here:  Easy[…]

Spamageddon – My Business Owner’s Spam Nightmare

scared at computerI’ve been living a nightmare for the past 24 hours with an email service (not the one I’m using for this website’s email list), and I’d like your opinion. Here’s what happened:

I collaborated with a large website whose following is a fit for an event I’m organizing, to run a giveaway. When readers signed up for the giveaway, they agreed they’d receive email from me. Last week I sent an email to this new list, welcoming them and reminding them that they’d given permission by registering for the giveaway, and giving information about my event.   […]

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I Take Back What I Said About Pinterest

A few days ago I talked about Pinterest. I diss’ed it really. I did say you should in fact get an account and use it, because it’s popular and it can drive traffic to your site – but I said it with a note of resignation – like, “(Sigh…) Yeah, just do it.” One of the[…]

Good-Bye AVG – I’m Breaking Up With You & You Deserve It – You Really Do

I received this notice today, addressed to the email account I used when I enrolled in AVG. Dear Ann, This is just a quick note to let you know that your AVG protection subscription is due to expire in 45 days on August 26th, 2012. But there’s no need to worry – your AVG protection[…]