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You Are Invited to Join Our Backlink-Finder Guinea Pig Club

One of the central missions of NetMarketing-123 is to inform website owners about search engine optimization and show them cool tools and techniques to drive more and more traffic to their websites.   Today I’m proud to share my own useful tool for driving  more traffic to your website! I created a new (and free)[…]

Keyword Research Quick & Dirty & On the Fly

working like a dogIf  the prospect of keyword research makes you feel about as computer savvy as your pet dog, and you know you don’t pay enough attention to this important component of Search Engine Optimization, a great tool to use is the Scribe Keyword Suggestion Tool.  First, it’s easy.  Second, it’s quick.  Third, it gives you a compact little box of results and suggestions – not a big long nested list followed by various twists and turns of analytical data, so daunting that you end up saying “Feh,” and shutting it down.   […]

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More People Have Mobile Phones Than Electricity

Source: via Ann on Pinterest   More people have mobile phones than electricity or safe drinking water. In fact, mobile is the most pervasive technology ever invented.  Do you have your mobile website yet? Thanks to Business Insider for this chart. Click here to learn the answer to “what is a mobile website?”  Want[…]

Why You Need A Mobile Website & How to Get One

WebTraffic-123 mobile websiteNetMarketing-123 mobi websitePR-123 mobile websiteBooyah!  I just created three mobile websites – one for each of my business and service sites: NetMarketing-123, PR-123, and WebTraffic-123. I feel a huge sense of relief, to be honest, and I’m really excited too, because I want to share with you just how important it is to have a mobile website, and also how easy it actually is to get one up and running.   […]
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Boost Your Biz With Google’s Business Photo Program

I’ve talked in past blogs about the benefits of registering your business with Google Places.  If you’ve read those posts, you know that you can register your business in up to 100 “places” – as long as you legitimately do business or provided services in those areas – and you can do so whether or[…]

Lookie Here – Images Are Great for Search and Social Media

I just read another great article from TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog on the importance of images for search engine optimization and social media.  One stat jumped out at me right away – because I just joined Pinterest a month ago and I’ve been interested to see the activity on that social site.  Pinterest, kind of[…]

Seriously. You. Must. Do. Video.

And I have a suggestion that makes it so easy! Yes, I know everyone’s telling you to put video on your website.  Here’s the why and a great way to achieve the how. First the “why.” Video attracts more attention, and is chosen more often, when it’s in a list of website options in a[…]

6 Ways to Fail at SEO

Here are the top 6 ways that many small business owners fail at SEO, and what to do about them. If you miss the boat on these, your web traffic is gonna suck. 1.    “I already took care of it.  My SEO is done.” Like grocery shopping, there is no “done.” New rules, new social[…]

The New Google Search Algorithm – What Does It Mean To You?

No doubt you’ve heard that Google has changed its search algorithm this year.  The effect is supposed to be better support of higher quality websites that have good, useful content.  Sites built by web savvy types that bend and abuse the rules of the game solely to attract traffic are supposed to lose some of[…]