Using Technology for Better PR

Part 3 of my recently published series in CommPro on what makes for good PR talks about the smart use of technology for establishing your presence, choosing the right platform for the right situation – and also saving you lots of time through automation.  (Part 1 talks about trends in e-publishing.  Part 2 talks about[…]

The Importance of Community and Media Engagement for Great PR

Part 2 of my recently published series on what makes for good PR talks about the importance of real, authentic community engagement.  (Part 1 talked about trends in e-publishing.)  This means sharing yourself on video, being responsive on Twitter and Facebook, connecting with reporters who need someone like you as a resource rather than sending[…]

The Importance of E-Publishing For Great PR

Want to know what the pros know about effective PR?  Want to keep in step with the best methods and trends they’ll be following in the year to come?  You can get the inside scoop by reading my three-part series on PR trends for 2012 published by CommPro.  In the articles, I gathered the “top[…]

Social Media Marketing Shouldn’t Eat Your Life

Write, share, teach, entertain, listen, learn, monitor, add, join, friend, tag, follow, analyze – then set up the next new account, fill out the next new profile form, and repeat!  Don’t fall behind! Social media will turn you into the snake eating your own tail if you don’t stop, take a breath, and reestablish your[…]

Make your subject line businesslike

Last week we promised that we’d totally contradict our PR Tip with a new one today. Well, here it is: Don’t mess around trying to be funny – make your subject line businesslike. OK, so last week we said “Make your subject line attention-grabbing” and we recommended using a funny or clever line to grab[…]

Make your subject line attention-grabbing

Here’s a PR Tip that we’re going to totally contradict next week. There, you’ve been warned! This week’s Tip is this: Have a little fun in your subject line, and you can catch a reporter’s attention and get some press. That may seem obvious, but the secret is to make your funny or clever line[…]

Be Prepared! What to have on hand for the media

Just like your mother and the Girl Scouts have always said, you must Be Prepared! When you send off a pitch to a reporter, you should already have on hand the basic materials and files that a reporter might ask for. These are: • A company one-sheet. This is the overall information about you and/or[…]

Pitch on Topic

In journalistic circles, emails containing atrocious examples of off-topic pitches sometimes make the rounds of bitterly amused reporters. Um, don’t let yours be among them. It sounds a little obvious, but sometimes we need to consciously resist the urge to contort a reporter’s request into a real stretch of logic, trying to include our product[…]