Diane Baranello

What Matters Most At This Career/Life Stage? Questions Only You Can Answer.

Guest Post By Diane Baranello, Career/Personal Branding Coach & Accountability Partner, Coaching for Distinction Are you clear on what matters most in your career and your life today? Not last year. Not last month or yesterday … today. We live life ‘in the moment’ and asking ourselves thoughtful questions about where we want to put our[…]

Diane Baranello

Diane Baranello – What Matters Most at This Career/Life Stage?

I’m delighted to announce that Diane Baranello, CEO of Coaching for Distinction, is returning this year as a speaker/facilitator at our Friday night Evening Salon at Women at Woodstock 2018: “What Matters Most at This Career/Life Stage?” Diane is a Personal Branding Career Coach and Accountability Partner for mid-career women, a thought leader, and a writer. She[…]

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Finding Your Muse for Life and Writing

A Guest Post by Angela Kaufman Do you pay attention when your Muse calls to you? Do you heed the voice, the nudging, or the burst of energy that brings you from the seed of a thought, not fully formed, to a completed work?  Perhaps you have had many seeds planted and are still cultivating[…]

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I’ve Been Promoted: I’m Now a Featured Contributor on Sixty and Me!

Well, a pat on the back for me today. I’ve been writing pretty regularly for Sixty and Me, a giant and respected website for women 60 or so and up, and today I received a “Congratulations!” letter from Margaret Manning, Sixty and Me’s founder and publisher. She said: Dear Ann – Congratulations! I talked with the[…]


Looking Back – This is What Janet Told Me

I wrote to one of my oldest  friends from Women At Woodstock, Janet Riccobono. I said I missed her, as she had to skip Women At Woodstock last year, so it’s been nearly two years since we’ve seen each other. I still remember Janet spending a day with me here in Redondo Beach a few[…]

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Writing For a Mental Breakthrough

I’ve heard from more than one woman writer that when she started writing a memoir or a novel with one idea in mind – one motivating emotion or important event to share, she found that over the course of writing her story, what she thought she thought about the people or the events in her[…]

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Please Help – Be a Woodstock Woman – and Wear It Proud

I’ve received one too many requests from women who want, who need, who deserve–who could really, really benefit from attending Women At Woodstock, but who simply cannot afford it. I feel so sad when they ask, “Do you have a scholarship fund? Is there any way I could apply for assistance to attend?” and I[…]

Crystal Cobert

Crystal Cobert – Aging Beautifully Workshop & Private Skin Treatment Sessions

Crystal Cobert Giddens is a multifaceted professional who is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, National Esthetic Educator, NYS Licensed Esthetician, Certified Oncology Esthetician, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Laser Specialist and award-winning author of the book, HealTHY Self Beauty. She is a wellness curator who specializes in the holistic approach of decoding the underlying causes of skin sensitivities, accelerated skin[…]

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Aging Beautifully – Vanity or Vitality?

We’re of course well aware of the media pressure and product advertising that stresses “anti-aging,” with claims of products that will erase your wrinkles, take years off your age, fill in your crow’s feet, and so on. And we know it’s pretty much baloney. Plus, it’s all in all a very negative message: “Shame on[…]