Carri Levy Honored with the “RARE Champion of Hope Award”

Carri LevySomewhere along the way of moving Women At Woodstock from an idea into a reality, I met this most interesting woman, Carri Levy. The Senior Associate Producer of The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television, Carri’s been on a creative arc for most of her adult life. She’s also been traveling an arduous path, untiringly, as the mother of a beautiful daughter who suffers from two rare genetic diseases. Out of these two important parts of her life came a new creation – a Lifetime TV series called “Behind the Mystery: Rare & Genetic Diseases.” Carri was just honored with the “RARE Champion of Hope Award” by the Global Genes Project for her work. Kudos, Carri!

To learn more about the “Behind the Mystery: Rare and Genetic Diseases” projects, and the participants who have been on the series, go to: And, if you have a treatment for a rare disease, and would like to become a content partner in the “Behind the Mystery: Rare & Genetic Diseases” series you can contact Carri Levy at Tell her I sent you!

You can also find Carri on Facebook.


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