Carolyn Braddock Comes to Women At Woodstock-West

Carolyn BraddockShe’ll bring her proven Braddock Body Process to our Healing Workshop!

Carolyn Braddock, MA is a nationally and internationally known consultant, educator, trainer, and group facilitator who specializes in innovative mind/body approaches to managing stress. Many of these methods are based on The Braddock Body Process – a body-centered approach based in Tai Ji and Qi Gong movement and philosophy. The founder of the Institute on Child Abuse and Neglect in Colorado, Carolyn has studied extensively with renowned pioneer psychiatrist Carl Whitaker and works with individuals and groups on trauma and stress, including addictions and post-traumatic stress disorder. She is the author of Body Voices: Using the Power of Breath, Sound, and Movement to Heal and Create New Boundaries.

Carolyn will be presenting her methods and her philosophy, teaching us how to access our trauma- or stress-based fears and blocks, and leading us through purposeful stress-releasing movement and breathing in our Healing Workshop.  You’ll leave with a game plan that you can use time and time again for finding release and rest on different levels.

I had lunch with Carolyn a few weeks ago, and I am so excited about simply her presence at Women At Woodstock West. You’ll see what I mean when you meet her.  She somehow naturally radiates an aura of knowingness and power – and she’ll talk about anything (and I do meananything) and have you laughing despite any reservations or shyness that you carry with you.

To prepare for Carolyn’s work with us in the Healing Workshop, I suggest you read Body Voices.  We’ve given it top billing this week in the Women At Woodstock Books and Resources store; Check it out!

Body Voices

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