Building Your Big Beautiful Question

Questioning is a powerful tool that we’re all born with—studies report that the best questioners in the world are not trained scientists, journalists, or business innovators, but 4-year-old girls! This inborn tool, however, quickly falls into disuse as we pass through life, squelched by the education process (where answers rule), impatient bosses, and sheer lack of time.

Why does it matter that we stop being questioners? Among other things, properly phrased questions can help you make good decisions, tap into your creativity, succeed in times of uncertainty, and forge better relationships. They can help you carry out key resolutions, identify biases and stinkin’ thinkin’, and find your purpose and passion. Questioning, in other words, is a powerful natural resource just waiting to be rediscovered and nurtured.

In this 40-minute workshop, Laura Kelly, who’s worked closely with author and “questionologist” Warren Berger for the past 9 years on his mission to highlight the power of inquiry to spark breakthrough ideas and transformation, will describe a few simple question-muscle-building exercises (such as “questionstorming,” “Why-What if-How,” “The 5 Whys,” and “A.W.E.”) that you could do later on your own or with your family or group you belong to. Then you will start building your own beautiful question.

What is a “beautiful question”? It’s an actionable, multi-part question designed to help you reframe a big goal or challenge in your life. Pursuing an answer to this question will give you new insight into your challenge while taking you down fruitful new paths. Laura will share the three little words that innovators around the world use to build their best problem-solving questions. And she’ll show how to expand your question to address different aspects of your complex challenge.

You’ll walk away with your own beautiful question that you should share with others (you’ll be amazed by the interest and support a good question engenders) and plan to pursue over time. (Google won’t give you an easy answer to this particular question!)

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