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Today I was having morning coffee in the neighborhood with some friends when the subject of body/mind illness came up. I am always surprised when folks talk about body/mind only – where is the soul? Or the heart? Or the subconscious? It is still amazing to me that most people are so ready to attribute responsibility of illness or pain, to the body, but not to the mind or soul. It is often considered structural (back, hip), or at the most emotional (insomnia, depression), but very rarely to other forces at work. Now there is a name for this: TMS (google)

Causes of pain and illness come from ALL of what makes up a Human being – a body, a Self, a Soul, if you will, a consciousness (mind), and subconsciousness.

One of the people this morning said: ‘when you have cancer, suddenly you are just out of luck and you will never trust your body again. Something happened that you have no control over and now you suffer the consequences.’ Well, first of all, you do not get cancer suddenly, it takes a long time to develop, even though you may become symptomatic suddenly. Also, we always have tumors in our body, the questions is how or when do they become malignant? Then we all have heard many stories about healing the heart, cancer, back pain, arthritis, that are not based on pills or structural surgery, but rather on approaching ALL parts of us, with whatever means we may have available. It would be too involved to discuss here all the possible tools we have within our reach, but I would be more than happy to discuss this further. I have personally healed heart disease, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia, no small matters.

Anoek will be presenting her healing workshop at Women At Woodstock East in Emerson, NY on Oct 14th & 15th – From Trauma to Love, From Past to Present

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