Bobbi’s Romance Revolution

Bobbi PalmerTo be honest, at first I didn’t want to read the latest Date Like a Grownup newsletter waiting for me in my inbox. I’ve spent my life proving that I’m a strong, independent woman, and I’m happily married, so why would I want to read about how needy women get the men?  But I found that I was too intrigued by Bobbi’s teaser that I just had to click and read. The teaser: “Why Needy Women Get Good Men (Surprise!).”  Over the past year that I’ve been following her, I’ve found that lots of what Bobbi talks about applies in many ways to women who are in existing relationships and marriages, not just single women.  I’ve gotten kind of addicted to reading her advice – especially after I attended her workshops at Women At Woodstock 2013.

Bobbi is leading a Revolution this month, aptly titled: Romance Revolution 101: The New Rules for Dating After 40. It’s a three-part series where strong independent women, just like us, will learn her secrets to a happy, healthy and successful relationship. Who knew that letting him open the pickle jar could lead to forever love!

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