Bobbi Palmer

Bobbi Palmer

Bobbi Palmer

I was 47 when I found the love of my life and married for the first time. When I met him I had a great house, thriving career, spectacular friends, nice things…and a fierce pride for my independence and accomplishments. (He really dug that!) I had a lovely life.

But meeting Larry and developing our relationship so enriched that life, and I finally felt the kind of happiness I thought was reserved for other women only. With his strength, compassion and enormous capacity to love and be loved, Larry is the type of man I wished every woman could have in her life. It was then I realized that this was what I was meant to teach next.

I had to share how I did this with other smart, independent women. I needed to tell them how I shifted my life from one of lonesomeness, frustration and mere contentment as a single woman to feeling extraordinary as a woman who shares love with a devoted, good (and hot!) man. (I so scored!)

I created a program called Date Like A Grownup to gently yet directly guide you through the self-discovery, education and real-life experience that helped me make this remarkable shift in my life. I know it will help you.

If you’re like I was (successful in other parts of your life but frustrated with your search for love)… if you’re feeling like a life that includes a deep and meaningful relationship is out of your reach… if you have been looking but never finding… I so want to talk with you. Meet me at the Friendships and Intimacy workshop at Women At Woodstock – East and West.

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