Become a Runner After 50, or 60, or…

Mary Harvey WarrenI don’t know about you, but I haven’t been running for years, and at age 60+ I haven’t felt for a long time that it’s likely I’ll start up again. Not only would it be just plain hard to do, I think I’d probably cause some sort of injury if I tried to run now.

Except Mary Warren says otherwise. And Mary knows what she’s talking about. She started running at age 60 and she’s run for 12 years using the run, walk, run method advocated by marathoner Jeff Galloway. Now Mary runs locally, statewide and nationally using this simple but effective method. And she not only runs, she competes. Sometimes she wins. She’s, in a word, awesome.

So I’m curious. I used to run, back in college and during law school. For a time, I was doing 5-mile runs two or three days a week, which I know to you maybe sounds like no great shakes, but I’ve never been a good runner; I was better as a weightlifter, oarswoman, and dancer. But during that time when I was really running – for my health, for my sanity, for my breaks from pressure and worry – I did often achieve the runner’s high that people talk about. I could feel it shift in; it was as if the booster rocket separated and fell away, and my body propelled forward – no resistance, no fatigue, no pain. I ran along the streets in my neighborhood past the big beautiful homes I dreamed of owning one day when I became a lawyer; I ran around the children’s storybook illustration that was Shaker Lake; I ran past different homes on different streets on the loop back home, my mind on whatever thoughts I wished, and my legs and my lungs my machine. I’m sure I didn’t cut an impressive figure as I ran, nor did I achieve any speed to brag about, but I was having a fabulous experience in my body and in my head. 

I’d kinda like to feel that again. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’d like to try. And so I’m looking forward to taking Mary’s Flash Workshop at Women At Woodstock this year. Mary says, “Running with 30-second walk breaks is a proven way to run injury free. Want to try this way of running in a safe, supportive setting? Come to this workshop and learn the basics, then come on a run to try it out. Let’s have some fun and do something to stay healthy. You don’t need to have any experience or level of fitness. Just a comfortable pair of running shoes.”

I don’t aspire to winning medals in competition (see Mary’s impressive medal collection below), but I’m there, Mary. Show me.

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