Be Prepared! What to have on hand for the media

Just like your mother and the Girl Scouts have always said, you must Be Prepared! When you send off a pitch to a reporter, you should already have on hand the basic materials and files that a reporter might ask for. These are:

• A company one-sheet. This is the overall information about you and/or your company that would typically fit on a single sheet of paper. Include images, general service, product, or pricing info, and your url. A word file will work, but a pdf would be better.
• Your own bio. Include information as it relates to your business, plus interesting facts that might pique a reporter’s interest. Keep the whole thing within a single page.
• Product sheets – one or more sheets of information about one or more products, with information such as ingredients and uses, an imbedded photo, pricing, and ordering information.
• Individual image files. These would be single shots, saved as jpeg files, of sample products, head shots, action shots – whatever’s relevant for your business. Be sure to name each file in a way that makes it easy for the reporter to identify when looking at a list of file names.
• Testimonial sheet – if you have testimonials from clients or customers and permission to use them, compile the best into a single document.
• Press releases – If you’ve issued press releases in the past, you should keep a copy of each on hand.
• Press sheet – If this applies to you, prepare a sheet listing other press you’ve gotten in the past, with either URL’s or pulled quotes. Give complete publication info so these can be easily verified.

Remember – don’t send these items with your original pitch (un-asked-for attachments are a big no-no), but do have them ready to go when requested!

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