Barbara Hannah Grufferman’s Beauty Secret

Barbara Hannahh GruffermanI love it when women my age give me inside info on beauty and skin care – especially when they tell me how I can use things that mother nature has provided. That’s important to me, partly for cost savings, but much more so for keeping my life free of harmful chemicals, and helping me to simplify my “stuff.”  I’ve always been an environmentalist and avoided chemicals and pollutants wherever I can, so I’m always glad when I find new uses for natural substances.  And now at this phase of my life, I’m also obsessed with the idea of ridding my life of clutter, and simplifying.  So I’m excited to have learned from Barbara Hannah Grufferman about how to use pure, unadulterated olive oil for skin care – something I’d never thought of before.  Check out her latest blog and video: Better Beauty With Olive Oil? Yes!

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